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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Faux-Frosting Cake Decorating Sampler

Every term my Bakery students work so hard to create an awesome cake, only for it to be ultimately eaten. This term, as an assessment of their piping skills, they will be making a sampler from spackle that will keep forever!

I have drywall joint compound left over from a home remodeling project, but you can get it in a small container from any hardware store.  I thickened mine slightly with flour to make it the right consistency for piping.  Add flour very slowly because you can't take it back!

For the assessment each student must include:
  • Scripted first and last name
  • Shell border
  • Star fill
Remember, of course, that spackle is not food-safe.  You should use disposable pastry bags and an exclusive set of tips.