I moved!

I moved! You can find me at my new online home, KaylaPins.com!


  • Whereas keeping a blog takes extra time on top of time that teachers don't have,
  • Whereas time is money,
  • Whereas teachers don't make so much money,
Therefore, I will monetize my blog through whatever honest way possible. These ways include:
  • Google Advertising: Advertisements show in the sidebar and after posts.  I do not control which ads are shown. Google selects ads based on your browsing history.  If you agree with me that it is kind of creepy, I suggest deleting your cookies on a regular basis.  Be warned that this will also keep your browser from "remembering" your passwords and form autofill information.
  • Product Reviews: If you send me free stuff that you think a Family and Consumer Sciences teacher would like, I may write a blog post with my opinion of the product. Please note that sending me free stuff does not obligate me to write a review. Also, if I do write a review, it will not necessarily be positive. (See "honest way possible" above) 
  • Amazon affiliate links: I receive a small commission on anything you purchase after visiting Amazon from a link on my page. For example, if you click this link and do all of your holiday shopping in one fell click, I would get a (small) kickback.  And that would be awesome.  Please and thanks. :)

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