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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Non-Traditional Classroom Funding... A.K.A Embrace Your Retro-Groovy Classroom Kitchens!

Like most FCS classrooms in old schools, my room is in need want of an update. Please don't take away my metal cabinets, (but a little paint would be nice) but some insulation, ventilation, and temperature regulation would be much appreciated!

I so love my job, my school, and my administration.  I try not to complain about trivial things like orange paint!

I have recently embraced the retro-grooviness of my kitchen with an Ebay sale. If your kitchens are also awesome, you may find some collectables you didn't know you have.

This Jadite mug sold for $13.65,
 This Pyrex bowl for $15.75,
 And this set of stainless Imperial cutlery for $3.97.
I have some other items that I will re-list and hope for better luck next week!

I'm saving for some fun accessories for our cake decorating unit.  I get some talented students in here who would like to try sugar work, fondant, and gum paste.  I feel bad using department money to buy such indulgent things, so finding extra cash is awesome.

What kind of cash do you have hiding in your classroom cupboards?

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