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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Yeast Balloon Blow Up to Demonstrate Bacteria Multiplying at Room Temperature

As part of our discussion on food borne illness, I did an experiment to demonstrate how bacteria multiplies at room temperature.  I got the idea from FightBac.org resources which I told you about yesterday.  I also show it with my Safety and Sanitation Power Point and Numbers to Know Prezi.

Some modifications for this time around...
  • I didn't mess with the bowls of water.  I simply left one bottle at room temperature and put one in the fridge.
  • I had no sugar so I used corn syrup.  It's a good reminder for students to see what they are drinking in soda!
  • I mixed the ingredients right in the bottle instead of messing with a separate beaker.
We observed the bottles at 10 minutes:

20 minutes:
Thirty minutes:
And 45 minutes.
Because bacteria are invisible it is great to have such a visual reminder of the importance of cooling food quickly!

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