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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Numbers to Know: Temperatures for Food Safety and Sanitation

I am always surprised at how little students know about temperature.  Last year in Bakery I had my students test their thermometers by placing them in boiling water.  Trouble is, they didn't know what temperature water should be boiling at!

This term in Food and Nutrition I will emphasize temperatures more.  I created this Prezi for a visual.  Students will write the numbers in their study guide and be expected to know them all term.

My Prezi is editable so you can make your own copy.  Some of our textbooks differ in their interpretation of the "Danger Zone" or the exact temperature that meat must be cooked to.

This is a really fun lesson.  I bring freeze pops for the students and talk about freezing temperatures.  We'll do the Prezi and then the Yeast Balloon Blow Up and Cooling Counts activities from the FightBac.org resource. You will find the activities detailed in the 4-8 curriculum.  Although most of my students are Freshman, they still like the visual of the inflated yeast balloons.

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